Ex-soviet artist thinks about the apocalypse via Russian cars image

This is kind of Lenin meeting the Transformers franchise, but nonetheless the result is both quirky and spectacular enough to merit our attention.

This new artwork has something for both retro car lovers as well as post-apocalyptic fans – we can almost imagine a Fallout game set in the Soviet union era that would put these monster trucks to good use. The Kazakh artist imagined the Soviet cars would need to become monster trucks to survive the apocalyptic landscape. The donor vehicles for Daniyar Kdyrov’s creations are a plethora of models that can only be recognized now by Soviet vehicle era aficionados. We have everything from the ZiL 130, a cargo truck first introduced in 1956 to the Lada Niva that is still in business to date, though this iteration has more bodywork protection. The artist’s vision is well, artistic: the ZiL truck has giant, articulating off-road tires, as well as new rear giant, articulating off-road tires. Similarly, a Buhanka UAZ-452 family van comes with sprouted chain-wrapped tires attached to robot arm-like leg.

We also like the ZiL-157 6×6 Soviet truck that’s been reworked as a three-wheeled storm-chasing machine, with assorted radar dishes and a humongous wheel out back. This Mad Max treatment is also bestowed on small city cars such as the ZAZ-965A hatchback, which now has huge wheels and tires supported by hydraulic arms. By the looks of it, even when civilization ends, car enthusiasts will still have things to do – besides surviving, that is.

Via Motor.ru