An Audi insider has recently confirmed with that the company has no plans of offering a pickup truck.

Mercedes-Benz has kept quiet on the pickup truck subject and preferred to announce it official just a week ago but it seems that one of its main competitors, Audi, has no plans of offering such a model. This may be because Audi is currently owned by the Volkswagen Group and this is producing the Amarok but chances are that if the more premium brand decides actually to offer a pickup truck in the future, this will be more luxurious and, of course, more expensive than the Amarok. However, the VW model may serve as a basis for it.

Audi is currently telling us that plans on offering a pickup truck in the future are inexistent and the carmaker isn’t even considering such a model for Europe, for North America or emerging markets. The announcement has been made by an insider within the company so don’t expect such a vehicle in the near future. Chances are Mercedes-Benz will open the segment and BMW will shortly follow, considering the fact that the Bavarian automaker is not making any announcements yet, officially or non-officially. If you are still interested in an Audi pickup truck, you should probably buy an Amarok and some Audi badges and replace the VW ones.


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