The upcoming flagship sedan made by Cadillac, the so-called LTS, will be offered for its future buyers in Europe too, after it will be launched in its home market.

The development of a new flagship sedan made by Cadillac is no longer a surprise as the company has already admitted it and also the fact that it will be launched sometimes next year. When contacted by the team, the company’s representatives stated that the new model will also become available for order in Europe too, but this will not necessarily wear the “LTS” name.

“We strive to offer all our key models in every market – so, yes, we expect that future offerings would arrive in Europe. The term “LTS” is a rumored name; not necessarily the actual name this car will have”, said a company official.

The brand new Cadillac LTS will be riding on a completely new platform and it will have an exterior design inspired by concept cars such as the Ciel and Elmiraj, but it will also get some of the lines of its smaller brother, the CTS. The vehicle will be rivaling models such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the Audi A8 or the BMW 7-Series and it will be introduced in 2015.


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