The 5, 000 EUR SUV which was rumored to hit Dacia’s vehicle lineup might actually be its very own version of the recently unveiled Renault KWID.

Dacia is one of the most successful brands in Europe but the company’s plans include some vehicle lineup expansion and this may be made with the help of the recently unveiled Renault KWID. Officially speaking, Dacia isn’t planning its very own version of the small crossover but unofficially, the model in question has a pretty good chance of being seen in the Romanian based automaker’s showrooms in the near future.

“The KWID model is being sold under the Renault logo. This is not a product which we are selling on the European market, at least for the moment”, said a Dacia representative when contacted by

That “at least for the moment” part is telling us that Dacia has considered the introduction of such a model and that this may very well be approved for production. Expect the small crossover, with the Dacia badges on its body, to remain in the same shape, length and width and to still get a large interior and the “best luggage capacity” in its class, as Renault was saying. However, since it will be significantly cheaper than its Renault brother, the Dacia KWID will probably drop the 7-inch touch screen display from the “goodies” list, along with the digital instrument cluster. The Renault KWID has a 0.8l engine connected to a 5-speed manual gearbox but the Dacia model might actually add the 0.9L unit. Additional details on the entry-level Dacia vehicle are limited for the moment.


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