EXCLUSIVE: Dacia Sandero RS to be sold as a Renault, will not reach Europe image

The rumored Dacia Sandero RS has been recently confirmed by the car manufacturer but the model in question will be sold as a Renault and it will not become available on the Old Continent.

Almost a month ago, we were telling you of a possible Dacia Sandero RS budget hot hatch and now we have to resume the subject after finding out more info on the future model. When contacted by the inautonews.com, a company representative stated that the Sandero RS is not a Dacia project and it will be sold in emerging markets outside Europe.

“The announcement of launching an RS version of the Sandero covers only those markets where the Sandero is sold under the Renault brand (South America, Russia, South Africa, etc…). As this is not a project for the European market, it does not involve Dacia”, said the company’s official to inautonews.com.

Considering the fact that the car manufacturer will sell the Sandero RS under the Renault badge in emerging markets means that the quality of materials used will be inferior to the ones which are used to produce the model in Europe. The vehicle will be lighter than the Clio and this means that it will not need that much power in order to go fast. It remains unknown for the moment what engine this will be using, but it most likely won’t be a detuned version of the one fitted to the Clio RS.