Taking place this year between June 26 and 29, the iconic motorsports event is already on its merry rumbling way on the deep, West Sussex, England located Goodwood estate. And just for you, we already have a huge batch of on location, live photos.

The fondly abbreviated FoS is typically held in a fashionable way that allows it not to clash with the ongoing Formula One season, which allows an onslaught of motorsport fans and also teams and drivers in the world famous racing series on the grounds.

This year in particular, the iconic motoring celebration is going to be star crossed, as the central feature will be Mercedes-Benz and its celebration of 120 years of successful motorsporting. Oh, and by the way, this year also marks the 100 anniversary since the automaker took a famous 1-2-3 victory at the 1914 French Grand Prix.

Besides other racing stars, the latest to have confirmed their participation at the event are F1 stars Felipe Massa, Damon Hill and Lewis Hamilton – with both of Mercedes drivers on scene to join the festivities. As a treat, Mercedes is also bringing the three last remaining Silver Arrows from the 1914 race, for enthusiasts all over the world to wonder at the capabilities of racing cars from 100 years ago (you can see one of it in our photos as well).

Although the FoS was started around the annual hill climb that featured many historic motor racing vehicles around the world, over the years its popularity growth was so massive that any given day – during the weekend, especially – you could bump into the latest pop star, a billionaire or two, an F1 driver or another racing legend – and that would only be if you strolled a few hundred meters on the estate. Simply put, while the first editions – the Goodwood Festival of Speed first opened back in 1993 – attracted thousands of enthusiasts, recent editions feature at least 100,000 visitors over Saturday and Sunday – with the record held by the 2003 FoS, with 158,000 visitors.

Just a few heads up – if you’re going this weekend over at Goodwood – expect to see several key attractions. For starters, we have the first run in a century of the incredible monster of 1911 – the 28.5-litre four-cylinder engined 1911 Fiat S76. He’s the world speed record holder of that year and for the first time in 100 years, after a painfully almost decade long restoration, it’s firing up its enormous cylinders to head up the hill climb.

Or you could see Sebastien Loeb in its extraterrestrial Pikes Peak Peugeot 208 T16 going after the hill climb record, that’s if you’re not mesmerized by Dario Franchitti in a Mercedes DTM or by the onslaught of supercars, exotics, concepts and one-offs. Expect it all, and then some more!


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