A Volkswagen representative has confirmed with inautonews.com the introduction of a new Scirocco generation over the next couple of years.

The Volkswagen Scirocco may be based on the Golf but its design is making it quite popular, despite not being as practical as its hatchback brother and, while the Golf is currently in its seventh generation, the Scirocco was only produced in three generations. The current version has been around since 2008 but it has received a facelift just last year and this should keep it interesting until the new generation will be out. According to a Volkswagen representative, who was contacted by inautonews.com, the future Volkswagen Scirocco will be introduced in 2017.

The company’s official didn’t provide any details on the future model but we are pretty sure that this will be riding on the MQB platform, which is also used on various models made by the Volkswagen Group, including the new Golf, the Audi A3, the Seat Leon, the Passat and so on. As far as the engine lineup goes, this will be shared, partially, with the Golf, but don’t expect all units to make their way under the hood of the 3-door coupe. The base model is believed to carry a sub 2.0L petrol burner, which will probably followed by a more powerful version. A diesel will also be introduced, along with the unit from the range-topping Golf R. Additional details on the new Volkswagen Scirocco generation are limited for the moment.


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