Exclusive: Rolls-Royce’s SUV will not make an appearance in Geneva for the International Motor Show image

The BMW-owned ultra-luxury British brand Rolls-Royce has shed the ultimate barrier – following months of speculation, rumors and executive hints, it officially confirmed it will develop and build a flagship SUV.

Known for its rich and opulent sedans, the British marquee will appall the ultra-conservative fan base – just like Porsche did when it unveiled plans for the Cayenne SUV or Bentley for its upcoming Bentayga. Naturally, given the preceding experience with such luxury brands and the fact that all over the world SUV models are on a growth spree, we expect that Rolls-Royce’s offering would quickly rise to prominence in the company’s sales charts. But, before that happens, let’s see the exact facts we know so far. First, off, after talking to a company spokesperson we know for sure that the British brand will not offer any glimpse – sketch or prototype – of the planned SUV.

That would be consistent with the product development cycle of the segment – just remember how many years the Bentley SUV needed to be revealed, or the Lamborghini offering, for that matter. What we do know is that CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes announced the company will offer a model that brings “the luxury of a Rolls-Royce in a vehicle that can cross any terrain.” A statement that followed white-glove Phantom drivers delivering the news about the new car all over New York City in bespoke letters has the executive further elaborating that the upcoming SUV (they’re actually avoiding the moniker) – a high-bodied model – would have an all-new aluminum architecture. That would render mute any speculations that BMW’s upcoming X7 could serve as the basis for the new Rolls.