There’s a growing band of custom car aficionados, ranging from financiers to rock stars and united by one common desire – to purchase an exotic vehicle that has no other correspondent in the world.

This is the anecdotal and exclusive world of car collectors that turn their attention towards one-off models – and although the art of creating a unique car has been around since the dawn of the automotive industry, it’s only now truly accessible. That’s owed to the latest advancements in computer design and safety testing that have successfully improved the feasibility of the industry, successfully helping many collectors achieve what was once a far-fetched dream.

And the crowd of clients that seek beyond what standard upmarket car brands such as Ferrari or Porsche can offer, essentially turning towards boutique design houses such as Castriota Design, Zagato, Pininfarina and Carrozeria Touring to create customized models. And because the choices are endless, so is the price, with analysts saying that depending on the client’s choice, a one-off model can vary deeply in price, from several hundred thousand to several million euros. The decisive impact on price has been brought by the recent breakthroughs in computing power and software – making the design faster and easier, while production cost also drops and the cars can be taken on the streets now because new software simulation techniques allow the coachbuilder to skip prohibitive prototype crash testing procedures.

Via Reuters


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