Executive says Hyundai not dead on defending European market share image

Allan Rushforth, Chief Operating Officer at Hyundai Motor Europe said the South Korean manufacturer will seek to expand in Europe, but will not try to maintain its market share at all costs.

The automaker, which has development and production facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic and Turkey, currently has a market share of 3.5 % in Europe. Hyundai’s cautious approach to European expansion comes only days after U.S. rival General Motors said it will drop the Chevrolet brand in Europe by the end of 2015.

“Our primary aim is to continue enhancing the quality of our operations, even if it means we are not able to sustain our market share,” Rushforth said at a press conference on the outskirts of Frankfurt.

Hyundai hopes to grow in line with a forecast 3 % recovery in growth next year, Rushforth said, adding that it would launch 22 new products in the next four years, many of which are aimed at the compact segment.

“For Hyundai to be a top global brand we have to be a top European brand. We have become a European carmaker. In the future we are even more committed to Europe,” said Byung Kwon Rim, President Hyundai Motor Europe.

From 2017 onwards, 90 % of its cars for sale in Europe will be built in the region and around 70 % of Hyundai’s components will be sourced there.

Via Reuters