Exotic manufacturer Apollo teases its brand new model image

Apollo Automobil GmbH has decided to entice fans and potential owners by delivering a teaser photograph with the “brand new Apollo” that will be officially revealed this March during the Geneva Motor Show.

We played a little with this picture and from our perspective it appears the part of the car being called into discussion is the exhaust tip. We’re pretty unsure of the other parts – top left corner shows something going up – it could be some part using fiber carbon composite materials, maybe even the wing. That would mean the model uses high-mounted exhaust tips, which shouldn’t actually be counted as something surprising given the fact that Apollo previously used the trick in some of its versions. And the latest reports flying around the rumor mill speak of Apollo remaining faithful to its mid-engine architecture, with the model – codenamed “Arrow” – also having a rear-wheel drive layout.

By the way, when Apollo reveals the model we should be expecting to have in front of our eyes something pretty spectacular – just remember they’re responsible for such versions as the Apollo R that was destined for the racetrack only and sported back in 2012 no less than 848 horsepower while tipping the scales at just 2,425 pounds (1,100 kilograms). Here’s hoping the newly appointed Apollo Automobil GmbH will be better at covering the finance department than Gumpert was and they would not hit bankruptcy – their models really deserve a full, glorious life cycle.