Expensive holiday gifts: buy him/her a new car image

While tradition might have you think the perfect Christmas holiday gift should have the dimensions of a show box – fitting neatly under Santa’s Christmas tree, the truth is you should always go according to “bigger is better” – that is f you can afford it.

So, because we love cars and fancy Santa coming down the chimney with nothing but a pair of keys (mated in the driveway by the actual present) – we want to also be generous and suggest you should make that present yourself, not waiting on the very busy North Pole guy.

First off, if you have someone in your life that has a tech driven life, loves the environment and from time to time even gets chauffeured around – you might consider the Mercedes-Benz S500/550 Plug-in Hybrid. It offers all: it’s the pinnacle of sedan luxury, has all the latest technology, can give you thrilling or luxurious electric rides and makes its contribution at saving the environment. It’s going to set you back around $100.000 easily.

You then might want to confer a car gift to the first time driver – and here there are a lot of cars to choose from. But we settled on the Ford Fiesta – it’s cheap (for both of you), it won’t scream look at me so any small parking dents would go unnoticed, it’s small, fun and has a Euro-style appeal. And the added bonus – that multi-award winning ultra efficient 1.0-liter 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Or you could choose that red ST version.

But then again, you should jump to the other end of the scale – and for all those racing, video games, car passionate – and consider the incredible Ferrari FXX K. It skips the idiotic LaFerrari name and gives you the absolute when it comes to supercar technology. Really, there’s no need to go any further – but there’s a catch – it’s only available as track-only special edition model. The 1035 horsepower Ferrari threw around also come at a cost – around $3 million.

And coming down from cloud number 9 again, we can find the perfect gift for the first time future client of a luxury brand: the Lexus IS. It’s an equally dynamic spin off BMW’s 3-Series and also gives you all the luxury you’ll find in a Mercedes C-Class. It also got an interesting rating – it’s Consumer Reports’ most reliable premium car.