A very rare example of the Lamborghini Sogna is currently looking for a new owner, who will have to pay 2,380,000 euros in order to add this piece of jewelry to his garage.

If you have done very well financially in the past few years and you’re looking into what may become a classic supercar, which is also extremely rare, than this might be the vehicle of choice for you, if you can afford it, of course. The model in question is a 1994 Lamborghini Sogna, which is currently being offered for sale. The Italian supercar has a price tag of 2,380,000 euros.

Initially priced at 1,6 million USD, the Lamborghini Sogna is just one of two ever built and the only one to have an engine, which makes it a one-off supercar. The vehicle has been made by Art & Tech and it was officially presented to the public during the 1991 Geneva Motor Show. The Lamborghini Sogna is based on the Countach and it has a green aluminum exterior finish and a 5.2 liter centrally mounted engine, which is producing a total output of 455 HP. The unit is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, sending power to the rear-wheels. Top speed stands at 202 mph. This Sogna has done just 1,118 miles on the clock and it can be found on James Edition.


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