F-Type Helps Jaguar’s Sales Reach Record High image

During the first six months of the year Jaguar Land Rover sold 210, 190 vehicles, an increase of 14% compared with the same period last year.

The F-Type model, which sold 1,000 units per month, helped Jaguar increase its sales 29% to 37,636 units. The F-Type was launched in May and since then it has sold around 3,000 units and the automaker expects to export more than 75% of them to the Far East as the region is to become one of the automaker’s largest markets.

The automaker is keen to see if the F-Type, priced between £58,500 and £80,000, will meet the expected success in China, a region where Jaguar’s sales more than doubled in June and increased 85% during the first six months of the year. JLR’s China chief said that the automaker plans to boost sales in the region by 20-30% by the end of this year. The automaker’s sales during the first half of the year were up 14% to 210,190 vehicles.

“It is very encouraging to see both our Jaguar and Land Rover brands delivering strong sales performances across our 178 markets. New model introductions have been incredibly well received with the all-new Range Rover retailing more than 22,000 units since launch,” said Phil Popham, group sales operations director, Jaguar Land Rover.

Source: telegraph.co.uk