F1 set to adopt 1.6-liter 4 cylinder from 2013 image

BBC reports that Formula 1 is set to adopt a radically different engine formula for the 2013 World Championship.

The report says that the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council will shortly rubber-stamp the plan to terminate the normally-aspirated V8’s that have been used for many years and replace them with energy-efficient 1,6-liter, four-cylinder turbo units in conjunction with Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems or KERS.

The whole idea of trying to make F1 as environmentally friendly as possible is one, which greatly divides opinion, with some interpreting it as a contradictory statement and others backing the concept.

F1 chief executive Ecclestone admits he still has misgivings.

“We have a very good engine formula. Why should we change it to something that is going to cost millions of pounds and that nobody wants and that could end up with one manufacturer getting a big advantage?” he said.