F1 racing ahead for 2017 rule changes image

Apr.19 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Technical change is coming to formula one.

Days ago, Bernie Ecclestone told La Gazzetta dello Sport his ideal scenario would be to scrap the quiet, expensive and complex turbo V6s and replace them with 1000 horse power V8s.

“The people would return, the show would return, the sponsors would return,” the F1 supremo predicted.

Talks with F1 team bosses were then held in Bahrain.

Ecclestone, 84, would clearly like to impose his changes “as soon as possible”, but the realistic aim is for 2017.

The Briton has accused Mercedes and Toto Wolff of blocking any proposals and “killing” the sport, but Wolff said in Bahrain: “I think the rules are going to get changed for 2017.”

He told F1’s official website the talks this weekend have been about making the cars “more spectacular and quicker”.

“That is happening,” Wolff added.

He told Britain’s Sky that the “chassis side and the power unit side” will be tweaked, amid rumours one of the changes could be twin-turbos and a relaxing of the fuel flow limit, which would also make the engines louder.

Reverting to the old V8 technology, however, is unlikely.

“This (V6) is where the technology of road cars goes, so this is important for car manufacturers. But we can do a lot on the chassis side,” said Wolff.

  • F1-Frenzy

    WHY DONT YOU TAKE YOUR “ROAD-GOING CARS” AND SHOVE THEM.UP YOUR TAIL PIPE YOU JERKS ! ! ! If I wanted F1 to be anything like road-going cars, I would sit next to a highway and simply STARE at it without having to look at Bernie Eccelstone’s ugly face or suffer from any commercial interuptions.! Take out the Hybrid and battery technologies…. shove a normslly’aspirated V-10 engine in the cars and GET BACK TO RACING ! STOP BEING CORPORATE WHORES !!!

    • kallekanin

      Amen to that my friend.

      Me too is so sick of this new Formula corp.

      Destroying the soul of racing, this is supposed to be the tip of the racing iceberg so let´s stop trying to fix everything with more rules, rules upon rules upon rules these clowns are boxing themselves in more so for each year now. What was wrong with free development, they (as well as the blind fan who just swallow the propaganda w/o thinking for one self) just need to stop bein gsilly and accept the one and only thing that could ever be limiting factor and that is a cost cap!

      Just add a cost cap period, that is supposed to cover car development, pay/driver checks etc while prohbit pay drivers in the sport, want to sponsor a driver create a sponsorship with the team and pay the driver. That will make it fair for them all with free develpopment and free to choose technology to use, wabt to pay a top driver 100 mi you got less for develpment I think it´s a superb idea to prohib some teamsfrom running away at the top.