Mar.15 (GMM/ Local hero Daniel Ricciardo on Sunday admitted F1 had put on a questionable show for Australia.

From courtroom battles to backmarkers stranded in the pits, cars breaking down before the race began and Mercedes’ enormous technical advantage, the actual race was then unspectacular and all but a few runners were lapped.

“I feel a bit for the fans,” admitted Ricciardo. “It was a boring race.”

Sebastian Vettel, 34 seconds behind the two Mercedes at the end of the race, agreed: “For sure it’s not great for the people.

“(Formula one) is a difficult challenge. It is complicated — maybe it got a bit too complicated.”

Earlier, Vettel’s old Red Bull boss Dr Helmut Marko predicted the whole season will be “dull”, and the German tends to agree.

“It can turn around a little bit for the next grand prix,” Vettel said, “but it could be even worse.”

Second on Sunday, Nico Rosberg acknowledged Mercedes’ huge advantage in Melbourne but said he hopes Ferrari can catch up soon.

“Seriously?” Vettel hit back. “You finish 34 seconds ahead of us and you hope you will slow down?”

Rosberg, however, insisted he shares the same concerns as Ricciardo and Vettel about the health of F1.

“I hope you can give us a challenge,” said the German, “because it’s important for the sport and for the fans.

“A part of me always thinks about the show because I want to give people a great time at home watching on TV or at the track.”