FAB Design’s New Cadillac Escalade image

The Swiss Tuner, FAB Design is creating a thrilling car by including something very strange and new in the cockpit of Cadillac Escalade.

It’s time for the enthusiasts to experience a unique and powerful car that features snakeskin in the cockpit. Therefore, this car is for those who demand different features and love to carry a part of wildlife with them.

This is Roland Rysanek who dared to create a monster by keeping the similar standard performance of 409 horsepower. This example is a sort of satisfaction since Roland Rysanek wanted a distinct piece for his garage which already contains several FAB-cars. On the whole, Rysanek has customized a dramatic cover which is unimaginable.

Despite the fact that Escalade is getting a new look to flaunt, there are few to oppose the idea of using snakeskin as a luxurious object. Therefore, the Animal rights activists have started protesting to save the wildlife.

The spokeswoman Sandra Altherr from the animal rights group says that the luxury lovers can decorate with a hint of exoticism. Since the group was opposing the idea by saying that the Pro Wildlife will anguish a lot of snakes inhabited in Asia, Rysanek wanted to sort it out. He explained that the leather which is used in Escalade is completely imitated from the animal welfare’s snakes.

The car is offered with its own character by adding rear window casing, new light fixtures, and panel. The key features that draw attention are the massive side sills – acts like running boards, four single sports seats, crocodile-style cowhide and snakeskin in the cockpit.