Facebook-themed Porsche Cayman S unveiled image

The German based automaker Porsche has officially unveiled the Facebook-themed Cayman S model, in order for the company to celebrate their two millionth Facebook fan.

Honestly I don’t understand this Facebook “hysteria” or even the need to get Facebook applications in your car and I’m not that old, but this “trend” is reaching a whole new level everyday until it will probably crash under its own weight. But anyway, besides being an ugly car even without that weird paint on it, the Porsche Cayman S Facebook-themed is apparently a pride for the car manufacturer and even if this might actually be the most hideous creation which this automaker has ever done, it will be displayed at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

“When the Porsche Facebook community reached 2 million milestone, we decided to dedicate our celebration to you. We asked our Facebook community to submit their profile pictures to be part of a mosaic on a Porsche model”, as the automaker is saying in its official press release. “We used the collected Facebook portraits to recreate the 917 livery to be placed on a mystery model for display in the Porsche Museum until January 27.”

The 917 K, which has won the company’s first overall Le Mans victory, was the basis for this ugly ride and besides its white exterior with the red mosaic, this unique Cayman (thank God there’s only one) has nothing else special on it. If you want to see it closely (and you’d better have a good reason for this), the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart will host it until the 27th of January.