Facel Vega Concept previewed image

The French based automaker Facel Vega has recently released two new images with the upcoming concept which might hit the market over the following years.

The Facel Vega brand is getting ready to be revived and the first model to hit the market signed by the company might be based on the concept car previewed below. The Facel Vega Concept shown in the images posted below isn’t quite finished yet and the two photos with the modern interpretation with the Facel Vega are simply artist renderings which means that if the model in question might make its way into showrooms, it will most likely look very different.

The two images posted below, which give us a preview into the Facel Vega Concept, reveal a rear end similar to the Nissan GT-R and with taillights inspired from the Citroen C6, but we must admit that the overall design of the model is quite interesting. A flat-bottomed steering wheel, a bespoke luggage set, a full-length center console and four seats are expected to be found on the Facel Vega Concept. The model will probably be unveiled during in a couple of years, at the Paris Motor Show.

Source: Facel Vega Facebook