The newest image with the Facel Vega Concept is revealing the model’s front fascia for the first time and now we can see its retro lines and prominent grille.

After it was teased a few times until now, the Facel Vega Concept is now being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the French based automaker releasing a new set of images with the model which are revealing its front fascia for the first time. Facel Vega says that the Concept presented in the images below isn’t quite finished and until it will make its public debut, over the following years, the model will probably suffer more changes.

The bulging hood, the double bubble roof, the flush mounted headlights, the prominent grille and the two large air intakes are contributing to the unique and yet retro look of the Facel Vega Concept. The car manufacturer didn’t announce any official details on the engine which will be used in the model but considering the fact that the original Vega was getting a HEMI V8 engine, the tradition might be carried on. Additional details on the Facel Vega Concept are limited for the moment.

Source: GT Spirit


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