The technological enhancements never stop and the recently upgraded Golf is getting new perks – more specific the BlueMotion model does, with the next generation of the compact also expected to feature the first production 8V system.

The Golf TSI BlueMotion when fitted with the DSG200 transmission will receive something that gets similar efficiency starting this summer when the company will have a new system that can turn off the engine completely when coasting at up to 130 km/h. The Coasting 2.0 technology has been revealed at the 38th Vienna Motor Symposium, alongside the company’s electrics – the enhanced e-Golf with its added range of 110 km and 20 additional horsepower.

Back to the Golf TSI BlueMotion, the new coasting system should increase fuel efficiency by up to 0.4 liters/100 km. After the facelift, the BlueMotion powertrain is switching also to “a highly efficient 1.5 TSI Evo,” instead or next to the previous versions using a 1.6 TDI or 1.0 TSI. The mild hybrid system is comprised of a compact lithium-ion battery added to the electrics, used to supply electricity whenever the coasting function is on. “Partially and fully electric drive systems form a key pillar of our drive system strategy,” explains Friedrich Eichler, Head of Volkswagen Powertrain Development. “Our range of technology, especially that available for the Golf, now covers all customer preferences. The new ‘Coasting – Engine off’ micro hybrid system represents a low-cost level of electric-powered motoring on a 12-volt basis.”


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