The first rendering with the Renault Duster Pickup facelift has recently hit the web and it might provide us with a first glimpse into a possible production version.

Renault and Dacia are getting ready to unveiled two new models next month, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, and rumors are saying that these will be the new generation of the Logan MCV and the facelifted Duster. The low-cost SUV is expected to receive a pickup version too, which will keep its low cost and which should attract more customers into the brand. Renault or Dacia didn’t announce any details yet on a pickup version of the Duster, but never say never in this industry.

As a quick reminder, the Dacia / Renault Duster has entered production in 2010 and now, almost three years after that, the model has been produced in 400,000 units. This is a huge success for the Romanian car brand, considering the fact that 95 percent of the SUVs made in Mioveni are aimed towards Western Europe. The Dacia Duster has received some important international awards, including the 2011 Car of the Year in Croatia, the 2012 Best 4×4 in France and the 2011 Residual Value Champion in Germany.

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