Fake airbags sold online prompt an investigation in UK image

Hundreds of drivers apparently bought some fake airbags online, forcing the UK police to start an investigation over this concerning safety issue, Autocar reports.

With overwhelming numbers of recalls triggered by Takata’s defective airbags, it is no wonder that motorists are taking such questionable decisions. Especially Honda owners, which are the most affected by the inflators scandal. However, buying counterfeit airbags online and putting them into your car could be a move as deadly as the one of driving a vehicle fitted with Takata’s explosive cushions. The UK police has been informed that almost 700 people bought fake airbags via eBay, urging authorities to start an investigation and to warn those who made such an investment to head quickly to their local dealership for safety checks on their cars, according to a report from the Autocar magazine. These concerns have been raised last month after Honda and the US Intellectual Property Office found the fake airbags being sold online. From those 680 eBay shoppers, it looks like 148 of those are believed to have purchased suspected counterfeit Honda CRV and Accord airbags.

Even if it sounds like a bargain to buy them at half the price of the genuine product, or whatever the reasons behind such a decision are, a fake airbag would not deploy as a genuine one in the event of an accident, showed tests made by Honda at its UK Swindon plant. The investigation is undergoing, and the authorities are in talks with eBay to remove any existing listings.

Via Autocar