Fake grenade found at UAW-Ford building image

Being currently in the midst of contract negotiations held in Dearborn, Ford Motor Co. and UAW will be starting with what can be considered as a bad joke, after the police has found a fake grenade in their building on Monday, October 3.

According to detnews.com, the police and fire personnel have rushed to the building at 7:30 a.m. (local time) after being announced that a grenade is sitting on a desk on the fourth floor of the UAW Ford National Programs Center building.

“A security guard in the building noticed what he thought was a grenade on a desk in the building. He called authorities and it was determined that it was a fake, a prop”, said Detroit Police Sgt. Erin Stephens.

Detnews.com also says that traffic was maintained on Jefferson during the event and pedestrians were allowered to walk past the building. The police still has to investigate why a fake grenade was on the desk.