Faraday Future presents itself even more with latest teaser image

Numerous China-backed startups with important EV plans have been announced since Tesla has become an obvious success story – though most of them have been rather disappointing in their untimely demise.

While they still have their fair share of problems – mainly with reports of work being halted at their Las Vegas plant site over lack of funding – Faraday Future seems intent on delivering what it promised. We’re talking about a first vehicle – an SUV as far as we know – that is not only being tested with prototypes out in the real world, but also aggressively teased every now and then. There’s now a new teaser look at the vehicle – with FF showing more than ever the body of its electric SUV. We noticed that its side mirrors appear to be cameras – but since they are only legal in Japan this could be an early prototype and not the real road-going production vehicle.

There’s also a second image that showcases an interesting design for the rear end, including full-width taillights. It looks rather conceptual and it remains to be seen if the real vehicle will have all these elements or it’s just a show car being presented first. We’re not very far away from the actual event – because Faraday has already officially confirmed it will present the model this coming January 3 during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.