Fast 8 stars moving to Iceland to celebrate win over England – sorry, for filming image

Since the British have opted to approve the utterly stupid Brexit, Iceland obliged and delivered a 2 – 1 win during the Euro 2016 to allow England to go home and lick its wounds.

Now it appears the country is gaining even more international attention thanks to the bonkers crew of the Fast 8 movie – which appears to have ditched the sunny Cuba for some winter driving. More importantly – while we do enjoy our sets of galleries with Charlize Theron – we get to see the wild rides the crew uses during their snowboarding trip. So, Dom gets the usual customized Charger – while the rest of the stars pack some pretty wild rides on their own. We already know lots about the eighth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise – and it appears the characteristic wheel-to-wheel adventuring is also involving Icelandic ice this time. So, the production team decided to share some of the vehicles we’ll get to see in the cinemas.

Fast 8 stars moving to Iceland to celebrate win over England – sorry, for filming 2

While the previous installment involved an off-roading Charger, this time around Dom gets the classic shape to morph into an ice racer. We’re still unsure if the bullet holes are part of the adventure – or just of the livery. Either way, the muscle car has a modified wheelbase and fender flares that make it look quite different. And the matte black paint job looks ready to be glorified. Meanwhile, Letty gets behind a Local Motors Rally Fighter, which might be the best one to play around in the ice. Roman of course acts all clowny as always, standing out in a bright orange Lamborghini Murcielago. The most absolute ride is given to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – an “Ice Ram” for Hobbs.