According to some recent media reports, Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop musician could take the role of Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious 7 movie.

Following Paul Walker’s tragic death, Universal Pictures has shut down production on the film, but the skate is high considering that the franchise has sold more than $2.58 billion in tickets since 2001.

TMZ reports that Fast and Furious will continue and that there are no plans to abandon the flick.

“There are absolutely no plans to abandon the flick” movie’s director told TMZ.

According to the same source, there are only options: keep the footage and rewrite the script, or trash everything and shoot the entire movie from scratch.

One thing is clear. They need a new character and, looks like Ludacris, better known as Tej has already expressed his interest in Justin Bieber. But, is Justin Bieber really that “character” ? For us, it sounds like a bad joke, but who knows.

That being said; we’re asking what effect this would have and if the next Fast and Furious movie would be able to reach the box office heights of its predecessors.

Keep in mind that, for example, “The Dark Knight” was released just after Heath Ledger, (the Joker) died but was the most successful Batman movie of all times.


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