Fast and Furious series will see at least 3 more movies image

While fans thought Fast and Furious movie series would stop after Paul Walker’s untimely death, the producers have something else in store for them.

Universal Pictures’ chairwoman, Donna Langley, said that there are at least three more sequels in the Fast and Furious series and that the franchise might see the comeback of director Justin Lin who was in charge of the 3rd to 6th Fast and Furious movies.Fast and Furious 7 will premiere in theaters in April 2015, and while the company is aware of the fatigue brought on by the long-term production, it cannot neglect the gross income brought by it worldwide. We know, right?

While no details on how the storyline will be developed given the tragic death of Paul Walker, the movie series might approach the plot with creating a trilogy in the past. The car-crash series will at least reach Fast & Furious 10, which will be better known among connoisseurs as Fast X. The supercars fans will get to see the following two movies starting 2017, as Langley announced. The Universal chairwoman also talked about Universal’s plan to bring back their Monster Movie catalogue in a new franchise that will put together monsters and action-adventure genre together, while the action takes place in the present days. Any movie lovers interested in that?

By Gabriela Florea