Fast & Furious scenes remade in GTA5 image

Besides being a fun video game, and somewhat a violent one, the Grand Theft Auto is a massive entertainment source for all the speed lovers out there, and not only that, but a means of creativity for virtual drivers.

While you can play along with the storyline chosen or given, other GTA players have been choosing to recreate massive box office movies like The Terminator 2, the famous Top Gear show with an uncertain future at the moment, or any other pop culture moments that got our attention. Since both the GTA game and the Fast and Furious franchise are such big supercar lovers, it was only a matter of time for the movie to have some sequences remade into GTA5.

It’s no surprise that the video is dedicated to Paul Walker, who has sadly passed away prior to the shooting of the movie having ended, and it sets on recreating moments from the Furious 7 movies with GTA5 characters who look like him and his partner in crime in the movie, Vin Diesel. While Diesel’s stand-in does not look similar to him and seems to be less muscular than the real actor, Walker’s double is bearing more resemblance to the star.

The creator of the video managed to capture what the film really feels like in his Paul Walker tribute using its famous “See you again” OST and is making fans all over the world happy to see the digital version of the latest movie in the Fast & Furious franchise in a 2.4 minute clip. All the fans of the Fast & Furious series have yet other good news coming as the date for the 8th movie in the franchise has been revealed, and it’s the 14th of April, 2017!

By Gabriela Florea