FAW-VW: New Bora for China image

FAW-Volkswagen, the Chinese division of VW, will launch the New Bora 2011 model this month.
The New Bora model will be equipped with the 3-spoke leather sport steering wheel similar to the Golf A6 model.

The New Bora 2011 model is equipped with the USB interface, Aux-In interface, driver-side sun visor, boneless wiper and improved window antenna and has the door unlocking feature. Inside, other than the original beige, New Bora’s interior has got a new color option: gray above black below. Meanwhile, the original mahogany decoration strip has been improved and the carbon fiber decoration strip is added.

VolkswagenImage via Wikipedia

In addition, the model takes the brushed aluminum interior design and has increased the aluminum package. The roof uses anti-dizziness fabric. The car’s burgundy dual flash switch and the outlet click wheel design have also been improved.