FBI Seized Ally Computer image

One of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., Ally Financial had one of its computers seized by the FBI.

During a March 28th search at the company’s headquarters in Detroit, the police seized an iMac computer. The investigation is being handled by assistant U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg, who specializes in computer crime, and the FBI Special Agent Ted Jungkuntz, who is an expert in computer network and security work.

Ally, is the nation’s largest new car lender, owned 74% by the Treasury Department, after it received a $17.2 billion U.S. bailout. Its online banking arm, Ally Bank, has almost 1 million customer bank accounts with $45 billion in assets. Besides this, it is also a large mortgage servicer and offers financing to more than 60% of all General Motors and Chrysler Group dealers.

The reasoning behind the search warrant is not currently public, sealed by the warrant itself, neither the FBI nor Ally Financial giving any details on why the computer was taken.