FCA CEO Marchionne wants Chrysler to lure US investors image

After it finally managed to have full control over the Chrysler Group LLC, CEO Sergio Marchionne but all of its brands under a new company – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – and has now embarked on the consolidation journey.

The executive presented not long ago the strategy for the next five years for the newly formed Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV – a truly global behemoth, with headquarters at London, a registration in the Netherlands and stock listings in New York and Milan.

Now, as the new company prepares to introduce its new New York stock listing – in the first weeks of October, Marchionne wants to attract many investors to the new venture by appealing with the “human-interest” story of Chrysler save from the bankruptcy pit.

“The Fidelitys, the Putnams, the Vanguards of the world are going to be looking more for solid investment reasons in the funds, the numbers, the cash flow of this company and what the potential is based on management’s vision,” says Richard Hilgert, an analyst with Morningstar Inc. “That’s what’s going to be more important to most of the investors in the US.”

Although Marchionne’s troubles are quite big in the European region and other developing markets when it comes to the European side of the company – mainly Fiat and its brands – the Chrysler story has been a success. With months of continued sales rises, the group had sales last month jump 17 %, outpacing all previous analyst forecasts.

Via Automotive News Europe