FCA getting ready to hit Super Bowl ad craze with new surprise image

Fiat Chrysler US – the company that was once known as Chrysler Group LLC – seems to be intent on keeping up the tradition of surprising Super Bowl viewers on Sunday with another hit commercial.

That would fall in line with CMO Olivier Francois’ pledge to participate in the most important US sporting event of the year “as long as we have something to say …which is truthful to who we are.” The company has already reserved ad time in the Super Bowl for the fifth consecutive year and appears to be rolling its sleeves for another big Super Bowl surprise. The automaker made advertising history back in 2011 with the two-minute Eminem ad and FCA’s commercials specifically designed to air during the Super Bowl have garnered praise every time – they were among the top-ranked ads in each of the past four events. They are also integral to the marketing campaign that has transformed the once bankrupt automaker into a powerful survivor that has earned back its US market share through 57 consecutive monthly sales gains (that’s an almost astonishing five-year streak).

FCA Chief Marketing Officer Olivier François’ made remarks on the Super Bowl last October, when the company was in the process of exploring possible ideas and also expressed the desire to reach towards the high bar already set with four consecutive years of commercials that include stars such as Clint Eastwood and Eminem. Most likely, we’re not going to know what FCA has in store for this edition of the Super Bowl, because – unlike most of its rivals – the company has a tight lip and spy-grade secrecy on its commercials until they air during the game.