FCA lifted by record sales of Jeep brand image

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the world’s seventh largest automaker, is fueling the record sales of its global ambassador, the Jeep brand, with a worldwide expansion – the models are being produced in factories from Detroit to Italy.

The often called quintessential American brand is pushing its expansion everywhere – from Canada to Brazil and from Europe to Asia. The rugged off-road brand that traces its roots in the dark days of the Second World War, used to be an exclusive Made in the USA product for the better part of its 75-year history. But the brand is pushing for globalization and when China starts assembly work on the models the Jeeps will be manufactured on four continents. And with massive production increases come the brand’s fourth straight year of record worldwide deliveries. FCA NV, the parent company, said sales of the sport utility brand jumped 20 percent globally through the first five months of the year. And that comes after the Jeep brand last year for the first time reached record sales of more than one million units – 39 percent more than in the record-setting year of 2013.

Analysts are confident the brand’s growth is unstoppable for the time being, as the global demand for SUVs is right on spot with the Jeep product line and planned expansion. FCA wants to build 1.9 million Jeeps by 2018 at 10 factories in six countries – the US, Italy, China, Brazil, India and one that has not been named yet. Just a couple of years ago, four American plants were producing 798,000 units.