Fiat Chrysler will get a financial aid from Ontario’s government that will help the automaker to bring some improvements to its Windsor plant.

FCA announced it will receive 85.8 million dollars in funding from Ontario to help the automaker upgrade its Windsor plant and to support the finance of a project at the company’s research and development center in the city. The province is a very crucial auto-hub for Canada, with five major global automakers having operations in the region, including Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda and Toyota. However, the automotive sector is facing some tough time, with automakers making plans to lower their expenses by shifting the production from Canada to more cost-friendly regions, such as Mexico. Therefore, the local authorities are now trying to offer better support to companies in their hope to preserve jobs, as they are starting to renegotiate contracts with major investors to keep them building cars in the region.

To develop and produce the new Pacifica minivan, FCA has invested 3.7 billion Canadian dollars (2.87 billion US dollars) since September 2014 in Winsor, one of Chrysler’s oldest facilities, and it has created 1,200 jobs in Canada, thus bringing its employment to just over 11,000. Meanwhile, General Motors recently announced it would hire 1,000 extra staff and boost its research efforts in Ontario to support further development of new technologies.


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