FCA will continue with its V-8s despite regulations image

The brand’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne stated that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will continue to make Fiat Chrysler’s V-8 engine line-up, despite more difficult fuel economy and emissions standards.

The head of FCA admitted for Automotive News last month that it is becoming more and more difficult for FCA to comply with the federal corporate average fuel economy rules. He said that the purchase of air credits is the solution for keeping powerful engines in FCA’s line-up.

When it comes to fuel economy and emissions, FCA is behind other mass-market automakers. However, FCA bought the largest amount of emission credits for the 2013 model year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Most of its credits were bought from the electric carmaker Tesla Motors.

In case you did not know, automakers can compensate for their carbon footprint with emission credits earned by selling other vehicles. Therefore, the credits are a form of currency under the EPA rules. In order to gain fuel economy, FCA decided to increase the horsepower of existing engines used on its vehicles, while other carmakers chose different ways to comply with regulations such as turbocharging smaller displacement engines or direct injection.

When Marchionne was asked about the possibility to abandon V-8s such as the Hellcat, he said “No. We offset. I mean, every time we do one of those things, we offset.”

The site dedicated to mopars, Allpar.com, suggested that the automaker will not continue with its V8 Hemi engines or even its 707-hp Hellcat V8 in favour of turbocharged V-6 offerings.