While the US auto industry has been in a spectacular shape this year, there’s one automaker that actually didn’t depend too much on the market trends and made its own way – Fiat Chrysler.

Although named today Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, we should be thorough and say that it’s the Chrysler Group LLC subsidiary responsible for the incredible 56 months streak of year-over-year gains. And CMO Olivier Francois says the company managed to shed dependence of the overall dynamics of the US auto market by pushing ahead with the individual strengths of each brand. “We were very much action and delivery-driven, ” comments the executive. “We’re trying to shape each brand’s DNA and products.”

And, after climbing sales in the beginning with a noteworthy paucity of new models, the consolidated Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has started pouring the much-needed products that would support long-term growth. US buyers can now choose from the redesigned Chrysler 200 sedan, best-selling Jeep Cherokee, a new version of the Ram pickup truck, or the soon to arrive fashionable Fiat 500x small crossover. There are also brand icons in the making – such as the Dodge SRT Hellcat models. The team led by Francois even came up with catchphrases that could to an extent personify each brand: Chrysler is “pricing power,” Dodge is “purification,” Jeep is “global,” Ram is the “challenger,” Fiat stands for “growth” and Alfa Romeo is the one brand “seeding”.

Via Forbes



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