FCA’s long run in the US could be over due to calendar glitch image

The former Chrysler Group LLC – now transformed into FCA US – exited back in 2009 from bankruptcy after being supported by the US and Canadian governments and taken under the command of Italy’s SpA.

And ever since – for more than five years now – they came to settle a new monthly record in terms of sales – but the long streak could be over when the August tally is handed in due to a calendar oddity that makes the Labor Day weekend and the massive sales associated to it fall into September’s count. Still, it could be a close call. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV owned FCA US (the former Chrysler Group LLC) has managed to up the ante every time for the past 64 straight months. According to an analyst average estimate compiled by Bloomberg, the tally for August could deliver a 1.2 percent drop – though the forecasts are rather divided and certain industry experts still expect a positive result over last year’s August, which included the holiday weekend sales.

Chrysler, since it bankruptcy and then FCA US has benefited from the tremendous rebound of the US market since the 2009 financial crisis that took overall auto market sales down to 10.4 million units that year and is now tipped to grow to almost 17 million vehicles this year. During that span, chief executive officer Sergio Marchionne directed the company to expand the Jeep range, make the Ram truck brand independent, add the Fiat and Maserati brands, now also the returning Alfa Romeo and also lift the passenger car lineup with models such as the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200.

Via Bloomberg