Some automakers use a barrage of airbags in the car, some think autonomous driving is key towards reaching the safest possible journey, some invent new components to satisfy their quests.

Supplier Hyundai Mobis has decided recently to showcase a new addition to the airbag family – the roof airbag. The company claims this is the world’s first-ever airbag designed for panoramic sunroofs – the idea is to make sure the passengers won’t be expelled from the car in case there’s a rollover accident. This new type of airbag is actually quite similar to side-curtain airbags already seen in most cars – it is extracted from back of the sunroof towards the front, covering the entire glass area, in a mere 0.08 seconds, and we have a feeling it will also protect occupants from the impact with the shattered glass.

Naturally, the company experienced some technical issues and challenges during the development phase – after all pioneering endeavors usually do. The airbag for instance needs to function whether the sunroof is open or closed, and also fit the not so bulky area of the roof. To achieve the technical breakthrough, Hyundai Mobius deployed 11 new patents. And they’re entering a growing segment, with sales of panoramic sunroof technologies seen growing 11 percent annually. This is of course not the first novel airbag idea – Ford for example has rear seat-belt airbags protecting the rear compartment occupants.


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