Federal Grants in the US for the Fight Against Distracted Driving image

The U.S. Transportation Department offers California and Delaware $2.4 million in federal grants for projects concerning distracted driving.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood urged auto makers to avoid adding technologies which are not necessary and could distract drivers, in an attempt to reduce the ‘distraction epidemic’.

“Distracted driving is an epidemic. While we’ve made progress in the past three years by raising awareness about this risky behavior, the simple fact is people are continuing to be killed and injured — and we can put an end to it,” LaHood said.

It’s been more than three years since LaHood began working on the issue of distracted driving and his aim is to see the remaining 11 states in the U.S. banning texting behind the wheel and enforce this critical legislation. His goals also include convincing the auto industry to adopt new technology guidelines to reduce distractions behind the wheel.

California and Delaware will receive $2.4 million in federal grants for pilot programs aimed at examining if police enforcement together with paid media and news media can significantly reduce distracted driving over a wide region. The California program will include 8 countries and 3.8 million residents and will take place in the Sacramento valley region.