FedEx Express Eco-Drive Campaign Reaches EMEA image

FedEx Express transportation company recently launched the Eco-drive campaign in the EMEA region to offer its drivers useful information on how to operate their vehicles in a more environmentally friendly way.

The Eco-drive programme is aimed at improving fuel efficiency by changing the driving habits of thousands of FedEx Express couriers. The programme was launched on the World’s Environmental Day, during which the United Nations and the international community celebrate the positive environmental action.

The FedEx Express couriers are offered tips and practical information on how to drive their vehicles in a more environment-friendly manner. The programme’s benefits include: lower emissions for a cleaner environment, fuel efficiency, and vehicle accident prevention for safer roads. The Eco-drive campaign was first launched in 2010 at FedEx Express Japan, and now it makes its debut to EMEA.

“The Eco-drive programme has created excitement at FedEx Express; our team members are proud to be empowered with the knowledge and skill set to drive in a more environmentally sustainable fashion. We understand that every investment—both large and small—counts in creating a more sustainable future for the company and our planet,” said Beth Galetti, vice president, Planning and Engineering of FedEx Express, EMEA.