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Ferdinand Porsche, the man behind the 911 sports car died Thursday in Salzburg, Austria at age 76, Porsche AG said. No cause was provided.

The German designer, nicknamed Butzi, joined the family company in 1956 where he worked in the technical design department.

In 1962 he was made the manager of the Porsche design studios and the following year he showed off the Porsche 901, which later became the world-famous 911.

Other highlights include the Type 804 F1 car and 904 GTS but his original design for the 911, created a year after he was appointed head of the Porsche Design Studio in 1962.

“We mourn the death of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. As creator of the Porsche 911 he founded a design company in our culture that shapes our sports cars today. His philosophy of good design is for us a legacy that we will continue to do with honor,” the company stated in a release today.

He left the company in 1972 to set up the Porsche Design Group, which created a range of products, including watches, glasses, pens and latterly mobile phones.


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