A yellow Ferrari 355 GTS has collided with a brick house in the Netherlands, in Den Dolder near Utrecht, and this is the best example and a universal truth that anywhere there are exotic cars, there will always be exotic car crashes.

The Ferrari 355 GTS must be a first here on inautonews.com and after its more powerful brother took a bath in the Atlantic Ocean, the yellow supercar’s turn came up to embarrass its driver after wanting to meet a house up close.

According to GTspirit.com, the crash took place in Den Dolder near Utrech, in the Netherlands, and no one was injured; except the exotic car which needs more than a body job. Sadly we don’t have a video from the scene or more images but you probably get the picture.

The Ferrari F355 was made between 1994 and 1999 and it’s a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive, V8 powered two-seat coupe, being available in two versions at the launch time: Berlinetta and GTS.


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