Ferrari 360 Spider ruined in Portugal image

A Ferrari 360 Spider supercar has been recently crashed in Portugal after its driver pushed the gas pedal too hard and lost control of the wheel, dying on impact.

We have always said here on that where ever there will be exotic cars there will also be exotic car crashes, and the latest example of such an unfortunate incident is coming all the way from Portugal, where a Ferrari 360 Spider has definitely seen better days. After writing almost daily about supercar crashes where speed and handling play a major role, we backup our statement that before being allowed to drive or own a powerful vehicle, every driver should need a different license.

According to the guys at, the Ferrari 360 Spider in question has been driven in excess speed and after he lost control of the wheel, the driver of the Italia supercar has slammed his ride into a Jeep. The Ferrari 360 Spider was split in half and its driver was killed on impact. The unfortunate incident has happened in Algarve, Portugal. Our source doesn’t say anything about people in the other vehicle but the probability is that they have walked away.