Ferrari 458 Italia by Project Kahn image

The British tuning company Project Kahn has recently presented its newest creation for the Ferrari 458 Italia.

After the aftermarket specialists at Project Kahn have modified crossovers in the past, the tuners have decides to go on a whole new level and for their latest project they have chosen one of the hardest supercars, the Ferrari 458 Italia. Even if the British based tuner did a good job with the Italian supercar, Project Kahn is currently keeping it half in the shadows and not too many details on it have been revealed.

“Owning a Kahn Ferrari is enough, you don’t need to drive fast, or even drive it at all. It’s all wrapped in voluptuously scanty aluminum alloy couture, which attracts all ages and sexes like a magnet”, as the aftermarket specialists are saying about the Italian supercar.

As you can see from the images posted below this article, two Ferrari 458 Italia have been chosen by Project Kahn and the main modifications are the yellow or red calipers, the 22×9 inches alloy wheels and that’s about all. Apparently, the interior design has been upgraded too, but we don’t exactly have any details on that. Under the hood, the same 570 horsepower V8 engine is making noise and to be honest, the unit is quite enough. We don’t have any details on the Ferrari California in the images below either, but that definitely isn’t stock.