Ferrari 458 Italia by Vorsteiner revealed image

The German aftermarket specialists at Vorsteiner have revealed a special upgrade package for the Ferrari 458 Italia, which is making it look more aggressive.

The Ferrari 458 is one of the hottest supercars of the moment out there, along with the rivals at Lamborghini and McLaren with the Aventador and the MP4-12C, but being hot doesn’t mean that it can’t become even hotter. Going on this principle, the German tuner at Vorsteiner has revealed a new upgrade package for the Ferrari 458 Italia, which isn’t affecting the original lines of the supercar but still manage to make it look more aggressive.

As you can see from the two images posted below this article, the Ferrari 458 Italia has been fitted with a front apron, a new diffuser in the rear, a two-piece spoiler and some other minor tweaks which, besides making the Italian supercar look even more aggressive, have an important aerodynamic role, which is to keep the Ferrari 458 Italia closer to the road. Vorsteiner says that the overall weight of the Italian supercar hasn’t been affected because all the extra elements have been made out of carbon fiber. The upgrade package is finished with the 20 and 21-inch forged aluminum wheels which can be painted on demand.