Ferrari 458 Italia crashed in the snow in Ireland image

A Ferrari 458 Italia has recently been crashed in the snow in Londonderry, Ireland, by a Euro Millions Lottery winner.

If you’re looking for snow like we are to test your new winter tires perhaps you should take a trip to Ireland because winter has already settled there and it’s giving inexperienced drivers a hard time. And the saying “wherever there will be exotic cars, there will always be exotic car crashes” is once again coming in handy. A Euro Millions Lottery winner, who has just bought himself a Ferrari 458 Italia, lost control of his supercar on a snow covered junction in Londonderry, Ireland, and parked it into a bush.

Even if this isn’t quite a crash and the damages seem to be minimum, I’m pretty sure that the driver of the Ferrari 458 Italia saw his whole life flashing before his eyes on his way to the bushes. We should thank the guys over at for these images because they’ve really made our day. The Ferrari 458 Italia has been crashed on December 19, 2011, se we know what its driver wanted for Christmas: probably a McLaren MP4-12C to decorate his Christmas tree. We don’t have any more details on this incident but judging by the images posted below, no one was hurt. Except for the supercar.

  • Anon

    Londonderry, NORTHERN Ireland.