Ferrari 458 Italia gets crashed in Germany image

Another Ferrari 458 Italia has been crashed, after its driver lost control of the wheel, this time in Germany, near the city of Brockhagen.

One of the best rear-wheel drive rear mi-engined supercars money can buy these days, the Ferrari 458 Italia, is also the most crashed one, as such incidents become more and more often in every part of the globe. The newest recorded one is coming from Brockhagen, Germany, where such a model has been crashed. According to our source, the Italian supercar in question has been taken from a Hannover Ferrari dealership for a test drive, which ended with it being crashed.

The driver of the Ferrari 458 Italia has lost control of the wheel on a wet road, after overtaking a slow running vehicle. The supercar has span several times before ending on a field, with its front fascia completely destroyed and damages made to other parts of it. The good news is that no one was injured in this unfortunate incident and the driver has managed to escape without a single scratch, which cannot be said on the expensive ride, which might end up in the scrap yard, as you can see from the images posted below.