Ferrari 458 Italia gets totaled in Melbourne image

The Australian city of Melbourne has recently seen a horrific crash which has left a Ferrari 458 Italia in a big pile of metal, rubber and plastic.

Another Ferrari 458 Italia has recently met its end, this time in Melbourne, Australia, after its driver has crashed it into a taxi at 3 AM in the morning, at the intersection of Collins and Elizabeth streets. It is believed that at least one pedestrian had to jump out of the way of the supercar which ended up on the footpath. The driver of the supercar has fled the scene with the owner and arrived at the same location soon after.

The Australian police department is currently investigating the incident to see if the Ferrari 458 Italia has ran a red light which led to the crash. The good news is that everyone, including the people in the taxi, have escaped unhurt but the bad news is that this cannot be said on the Italian supercar, which will most likely end up as beer cans as it is probably unsalvageable judging by the image posted above. If you have more details on the subject, please feel free to share.

Source: ABC